Schémas partagés (Relax NG, diple/schema/)

Cette section regroupe les schémas supportés par Diple, logiciel de publication XML. Les documents valides selon ces grammaire fonctionneront sans ajouts supplémentaires. Ces schémas formalisent et documentent généralement les règles d'édition de l'école des chartes.

[en] shared schemas (diple/schema/, Relax NG)

[en] One feature of XML is validation by schemas. Critical edition could take great advantage of a schema, to define and verify conformity of a corpus. A publisher could also precise rules for all his publications, to be sure that the same thing will be tagged with the same name. Even if a standard has been chosen, like TEI, lots of variations are possible. Here are the rules defined and documented by École des chartes, according to its two centuries of tradition. Explanations are provided for the editors, that's why they are in french.